Background: Insulin resistance(IR) is a key determinant of CV Risk and is highly prevalent in Asian Indians. However, there is limited data on IR in healthy non-obese individuals. Quantification of IR in clinical practice is a challenge and HOMA IR is the commonly used method. Triglyceride-Glucose(TyG) Index, a simple method for measuring IR, is not much used in clinical practice. This study assessed the prevalence of IR using TyG index in comparison to HOMA-IR in healthy non-obese Indians.

Aims and Objectives: 1. To assess the prevalence of IR using TyG index in healthy non-obese individuals 2. To assess TyG (Triglyceride-Glucose Index)Index as a measure of IR in comparison to HOMA IR.

Methodology: A total of 170 healthy non-obese individuals visiting for routine health checks were recruited in the study. Relevant anthropometric and laboratory parameters were recorded. IR was calculated using TyG index and HOMA IR using following formulae: TyG = ln (Triglycerides in mg/dL x Glucose in mg/dL/2)8 IRHOMA = (I0 × G0)/405 (I0 -fasting insulin in mIU/L, G0-fasting glucose in mg/dL)1 IR was defined as HOMA-IR >2.8 or TyG index >4.65. Prevalence of IR in the study population was calculated using both and compared.

Results: Mean age of study population was 43.45±15.72 years and 55% were males. Average BMI was 22.09± 2.29 Kg/m². Systolic and diastolic BP were 117.29±7.90 and 72.12±8.37 mmHg respectively. Mean fasting blood glucose was 92.79±6.92 mg/dL, mean triglycerides 107.48 ± 28.95 mg/dL and fasting serum insulin was 11.42 ± 8.53 μU/ml. Prevalence of IR defined by TyG index was 44% as compared to 34% by HOMA IR. There was a strong correlation between TyG index and HOMA IR(p=0.006). TyG index had a high negative predictive value (74%).

Conclusions: Prevalence of IR in healthy Indians is high and affects more than a third of healthy non-obese individuals. TyG index appears to be a better tool for evaluation of IR in clinical practice and has a strong correlation with HOMA IR.


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