Severe HYPO is associated with higher CV and mortality risk. The CAROLINA® trial evaluated the CV safety of linagliptin (LINA) and glimepiride (GLIM) in 6033 subjects with relatively early type 2 diabetes (T2D) and elevated CV risk (mean age 64.0 years, HbA1c 7.2%, median T2D duration 6.3 years) and demonstrated non-inferiority for 3P-MACE and no difference for CV and mortality outcomes. However, a significant lower risk of HYPO was observed with LINA vs. GLIM regardless of severity classification. We assessed, in 6014 participants, the associations between severe HYPO and/or documented HYPO (BG <54 mg/dl), which occurred in 109/3014 (3.6%) and 537/3000 (17.9%) in the LINA and GLIM groups, respectively (HR 0.19 [95% CI 0.15, 0.23]), and CV and mortality outcomes using Cox regression models. HYPO events preceded CV outcomes in 0.0-3.6% of all events with LINA and in 8.0-26.2% events with GLIM. Of note, even when multivariably adjusted, occurrence of HYPO was associated only with higher risk for all-cause mortality (HR 1.49 [1.16, 1.92]), and non-CV mortality (HR 2.16 [1.57, 2.97]) (Fig A). The relative effect of LINA vs. GLIM on any CV or mortality outcome (Fig B) was not influenced by antecedent HYPO.

In conclusion, preceding HYPO was associated with higher risk for all-cause and non-CV mortality, but not with any other outcomes in a relatively early T2D population at elevated CV risk.


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