T1D is a chronic disease impacting patients’ lives and psychosocial health; we explored how this may vary by age and region.

SAGE was a multinational, cross-sectional observational study using data from medical records and interviews of participants (N=3858) aged ≥26 years with T1D for ≥1 year. Results from PROs questionnaires (Hypoglycemia Fear Survey [HFS-II], Problem Areas in Diabetes [PAID], Insulin Treatment Satisfaction Questionnaire [ITSQ], Audit of Diabetes-Dependent Quality of Life [ADDQoL]) were analyzed by region (Asia [A], Eastern Europe [EE], Western Europe [WE], Latin America [LA], Middle East [ME]) and age group (26-<45; 45-<65; ≥65 years).

HFS-II scores showed fear of hypoglycemia was lowest in A for all age groups (Table). HFS-II scores increased with age in EE and decreased with age in LA. PAID scores showed highest levels of emotional distress in ME for all age groups. ITSQ scores showed treatment satisfaction increased with age in WE, LA and ME, and was more stable in EE and A. ADDQoL total scores showed a small negative impact of T1D on quality of life, with the highest and lowest impact in EE and ME, respectively, across all ages.

PROs scores indicated relatively low levels of diabetes-related impact and high treatment satisfaction. Age and regional differences may reflect variations in T1D control and management, as well as cultural and healthcare-system-related factors.


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