Background: Under normal physiological conditions, adipose derived stem cells (ADSC) maintain adipose tissue homeostasis by responding to metabolic loading through proliferation and differentiation. Nevertheless, in T2DM their properties might be compromised. ADSC give rise to thermogenic beige adipocytes that make a significant contribution into excess energy utilization in obesity. We compared ADSC response to beiging inductors in obese patients with type 2 diabetes mellitus (T2DM) and with normal glucose tolerance (NGT).

Methods: We collected subcutaneous fat biopsies from 5 obese NGT (BMI>35kg/m2) and 5 obese T2DM patients during bariatric surgery. ADSC were enzymatically isolated and underwent white and beige adipogenic differentiation. UCP-1 level was evaluated by RT-PCR and Western blot. Expression of lipid metabolism and electron transport chain (ETC) genes were analyzed by RT-PCR. ROS production was evaluated by fluorescent microscopy.

Results: UCP-1 expression was decreased in beige adipocytes from T2DM patients in mRNA and protein levels. Nevertheless, expression and phosphorylation of lipolytic proteins were equal in beige adipocytes of NGT and T2DM groups. Expression analysis of ETC genes also has not shown any statistically significant differences. All the while, we revealed increased mitochondrial ROS production in T2DM beige adipocytes during beige differentiation.

Conclusions: These results indicate association of ADSC thermogenic potential and T2DM development. Decreased UCP1 level in complex with normal lipolysis and ETC activity in beige adipocytes from T2DM patients may be liable to elevated ROS level, known to initiate mitochondria damage and insulin resistance.


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