Background: The Medtronic Minimed® Advanced Hybrid Closed-Loop system (AHCL) includes an individualised algorithm with optional set points, automated correction bolus, and improved SmartGuard Auto Mode stability.

Methods: This dual-centre, randomized, open-label, two-sequence cross-over study in automated insulin delivery naïve participants (aged 7-80yrs), compared AHCL to Sensor Augmented Pump therapy with Predictive Low Glucose Management (SAP+PLGM). Each study phase was 4 weeks, preceded by a 2-4 week run-in, and separated by 2-week washout.

Results: 59/60 people completed the study (mean age 23.3±14.4yrs). Overall time in target range (TIR) (70-180mg/dL) favoured AHCL over SAP+PLGM by 12.5±8.5% (p<0.001), with greater improvement overnight (15.7±12.0%, p<0.001) (Table 1). This was primarily due to reduction in hyperglycemia (-12.1±9.0% time spent >180mg/dL). Mean SG improved in AHCL by 10.0±7.4mg/dL (p<0.001). For each 1% lower baseline TIR, there was a 0.5% greater TIR improvement with AHCL (p<0.001). Auto Mode was active for 95.3±3.6% of the time.

Conclusion: AHCL with automated correction bolus showed significant improvement in glucose control compared to PLGM, in a population with a younger mean age reflecting a challenging demographic.


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