Look AHEAD found no difference between intensive lifestyle intervention (ILI) for weight loss and diabetes support and education (DSE; control) in cardiovascular (CVD) outcomes among individuals with overweight or obesity and type 2 diabetes (T2DM). This secondary analysis evaluated the association between change in weight and waist circumference (WC), a possible proxy for visceral adiposity, and risk for CVD outcomes. We classified Look AHEAD participants (n=4590) into one of four categories based on change in weight and WC from baseline to Year 1 (increase/increase, etc.) to examine the association between the categories and primary (myocardial infarction, stroke, hospitalized angina, CVD death) and secondary (primary outcomes and CABG/PTCA, hospitalized congestive heart failure, carotid endarterectomy, PVD, and total mortality) CVD outcomes from Year 1 to end of active treatment (median of 9 years). Cox proportional-hazards regression models were used to 1) compare ILI participants in the four categories to DSE and 2) evaluate the four categories within treatment groups using the group that decreased WC and weight as the reference. Compared to DSE, individuals in ILI who increased WC and weight and individuals who increased WC but decreased weight both had greater risk of secondary CVD outcomes (HR[95%CI]: 1.95 [1.33, 2.86] and 1.35 [1.02, 1.80] respectively). In analyses stratified by randomization group, DSE participants did not differ in cardiovascular events across categories. Individuals in ILI who gained WC (regardless of weight loss or gain), had increased risk of primary and secondary CVD outcomes compared to individuals in ILI who decreased weight and WC. Increased WC during weight loss treatment, regardless of weight loss or gain, is associated with greater risk for CVD outcomes in individuals with T2DM. This emphasizes the importance of measuring WC in clinical practice and testing interventions focused on decreasing WC.


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