We performed a non-blinded, random-order, cross-over study in 20 volunteers with type 1 diabetes comparing glycemic regulation by the bihormonal bionic pancreas (BHBP) at three glucose targets (130, 115, and 100 mg/dl). Subjects went about their daily routines during each 3-day test period. In the BHBP arms, lower glucose targets (130 to 115 to 100 mg/dl) were associated with correspondingly lower mean CGM glucose levels (156±12 to 146±14 to 135±14 mg/dl, p<0.005 for each comparison). There was no corresponding difference in percent time <60 mg/dl (0.6±1.0 % to 0.9±1.2% to 0.8±1.1%, p≥0.22 for each comparison). However, there was a corresponding significant increase in glucagon total daily dose (2.2±1.2 to 5.3±2.3 to 8.3±3.0 µg/kg/day, p≤0.001 for each comparison). Mean daily nausea scores reported on a 10 cm visual analog scale were low and not significantly different between BHBP arms (0.5, 0.8 and 1.1 cm for the 130, 115, and 100 mg/dl glucose targets, respectively, p>0.05 for each comparison). There were no significant differences between the different BHBP arms in average hypoglycemia symptoms per day, average hypoglycemia interventions per day, or average grams of oral carbohydrates taken by subjects to prevent or treat hypoglycemia. The 100 mg/dl glucose target had a higher satisfaction score when compared to the 115 and 130 mg/dl glucose targets (4.3 versus 4.15 and 4.18, respectively; p<0.005 for both comparisons). There was no significant difference in satisfaction score between the 115 and 130 mg/dl glucose targets. The results of the present study show that for the BHBP, the lowest glucose target in this comparison was associated with better glycemic control, no statistically significant increase in side effects, and greater user satisfaction than higher glucose targets.


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