Background: Studies have suggested that high birth weight (BW) is associated with later higher BMI but its association with higher blood pressure (BP) should be further explored.

Objective: To determine the association between high BW with later higher BMI and BP in 9-year-old overweight/obese (OW/OB) schoolchildren.

Methods: Schoolchildren (n = 2567, 1157M) aged 8.7±2.1 years from 10 elementary schools in five states of Argentina were examined between April 2017 and September 2019. Mothers submitted children’s BW information. Body mass index (BMI) and BP were assessed by pediatricians.

Results: 1095 (42.7%) of the children were OW/OB. The prevalence of low (<2500grams), and high BW (>4000grams) was 6.6% (n=169) and 7.4% (n=190), respectively. There was a significant difference in mean BMI z-score in 9-year-old children between low BW, normal BW, and high BW (0.44, 0.73, and 1.05, respectively). OW/OB 9-year-old children with high BW had higher z-BMI (1.70 vs. 1.89, respectively) and higher systolic BP (97 vs. 100 mm Hg, respectively) than OW/OB 9-year-old children with normal or low BW. However, normal-weight 9-year-old children with high BW had similar BP than 9-year-old children with normal or low BW. Multiple linear regression analyses showed that systolic BP was significantly associated with age in 9-year-old normal-weight children (R2=0.07). However, systolic BP was positively associated with age and BW in 9-year-old-OW/OB children (R2=0.11). When systolic BP was replaced by diastolic BP similar results were obtained.

Conclusion: This study suggests that systolic BP was significantly associated with high BW in OW/OB 9-year-old children but not in 9-year-old normal-weight children. Children with high BW should be followed closely to prevent future cardiovascular disease.


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