We sought to determine if online continuing medical education (CME) could improve the knowledge and competence of diabetologists/endocrinologists (D/Es) and primary care physicians (PCPs) related to diagnosis and management of obesity. The CME activity was a 30-minute online video panel discussion among 3 faculty. A repeated pairs pre-/post-assessment study design was used and chi-square test (P <.05 is considered significant) assessed educational effect for each activity. Cramer’s V was used to calculate the effect size (0.06-0.15 is a noticeable effect, 0.16-0.26 considerable, and >0.26 extensive). The activity launched August 29, 2019 and data were collected through October 3, 2019. In total, 110 D/Es and 507 PCPs completed all pre/post questions and were included in the study. • Overall, 16% of D/Es (P<.01 V=.146) and 23% of PCPs (P<.0001, V=.209) demonstrated improvement from pre to post. • 26% of D/Es (P<.0001; V=.345) and 31% of PCPs (P<.0001; V=.342) demonstrated improvement in diagnosing a patient with obesity. • 5% of D/Es (P=.60; V=.033) and 15% of PCPs (P<.0001; V=.107) demonstrated improvement in diagnosing a patient with obesity. • 29% of D/Es and 38% of PCPs reported an increase in confidence in effectively managing obesity. Continued educational gaps: • 69% of D/Es and 62% of PCPs need additional education on diagnosis and staging of obesity. • 21% of D/Es and 49% of PCPs need additional education on strategies for managing obesity. This study demonstrates the success of an online CME activity with discussion among 3 experts in the field on improving knowledge and competence related to obesity diagnosis and management. Additionally, continued gaps were identified for future educational targets.


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