Background: The consumption of large (∼50g) doses of whey protein [WP] before meals (i.e., preload) has been shown to improve postprandial glycemic [PPG] excursions in people with type 2 diabetes [T2D]. Yet, studies to date have not accounted for treatment palatability, the energy associated with large WP doses, or the burden allied with preload preparation, limiting its ecological translation. Herein, we examined the PPG responses to a mixed-meal tolerance test [MMTT] following prior consumption of a low dose of WP from a novel, pre-made shot in people with T2D.

Methods: Nine adults with T2D (8M/1F; HbA1c 57.6±10.1 mmol∙mol) attended the laboratory on two occasions, ∼14d apart. After an overnight fast, subjects randomly consumed a bespoke, ready-to-drink WP (15g) or placebo [PLA] shot (100ml) 10min prior to a 4hr MMTT (387kcal; 58% CHO). At 4hr, a further shot was consumed 10min before an ad libitum lunch. Subjective appetite and preload palatability were assessed by visual analog scales. Interstitial glucose was measured throughout. Data (mean±SD) were analyzed by a two-way repeated measures ANOVA.

Results: Compared to PLA, WP attenuated early [0-60min] (-48.9±35.9%; p=0.01) and total [0-240min] PPG area under the curve (-22.7±17.5%; p<0.001). During both trials, peak PPG occurred ∼80min post-MMTT and was reduced following WP (-13.8±7.8% [range: -23.0 to +2.1%]; p<0.01). The peak incremental change in PPG was 1.36±1.08 mmol∙L less following WP vs. PLA (p<0.01). Subjective appetite (p>0.05) and ad libitum energy intake were similar between trials (p=0.48). Both preloads were rated highly palatable.

Conclusion: Consuming a small, bespoke WP shot lowers post-meal hyperglycemia in people with T2D without affecting satiety and satiation. We highlight the potential for small, contemporary WP beverages that encompass both glycemic benefit but also patient taste and convenience, which may have lasting clinical value beyond formal research studies.


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