Introduction: Young child type 1 diabetes (YC-T1D) diagnosis can cause significant stress. While rates of increased depression have been documented, less is known about parent general emotional functioning (EF). This study aims to evaluate four hypothesized domains that may be related to parents’ EF: family characteristics, diabetes health characteristics, family protective factors (PF), and diabetes-specific functioning.

Method: 157 newly diagnosed YC-T1D (M age=4.43±1.67; M days post diagnosis =28.78±15.10) and their primary caregivers (72% Caucasian, 90% female) were assessed for an RCT evaluating a behavioral intervention. Medical data were extracted from the EHR. Parents completed a psychosocial battery at baseline; selected measures were identified to explore hypothesized domains associated with parents’ EF: family characteristics (Race), PF (Protective Factors Survey, Social Support), diabetes-specific functioning (Self-Efficacy for Diabetes-Parent) and parent EF (Perceived Stress Scale).

Results: Table 1 presents findings from regression analyses.

Conclusion: Preliminary findings demonstrate associations among family characteristics, PF, and diabetes-specific functioning with parent EF. Results provide initial support for a broader model, which may incorporate additional variables; future research may examine a broader model over the first year after diagnosis.


C. Tully: None. M.E. Hilliard: None. M. Monaghan: Research Support; Self; American Diabetes Association. J. Wang: None. R. Streisand: None.


National Institute of Diabetes and Digestive and Kidney Diseases (R01DK102561)

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