Use of large insulin doses is more frequent in diabetes due to an increase in the prevalence of severe obesity worlwide. Insulin-associated treatments such as metformin or GLP-1 receptor agonists (GLP-1RA) can help and use of insulin concentrated at 500 IU/ml (U500) has been associated with an improve in glycemic control in previous studies including severe insulin resistant patients. We report our experience of U500 in subjects with high HbA1c despite insulin pump therapy (CSII) combined or not with metformin and/or GLP-1RA. Eighteen T2D and 3 T1D were studied (13M and 8F), age: 59.5 ± 9.6 years, diabetes duration : 18.8 ± 9.8 years. Eight subjects used metformin and 7 used GLP-1RA (5 used metformin and GLP-1RA). Treatment with U500 was carried out during a 5-day hospitalization. Metformin and/or GLP-1RA were continued or not during the follow-up according to the decision of the patient’s diabetologist. Mean duration of follow-up was 9 months. A decrease in HbA1c was found (initial vs. final) : 9.4 ± 1.2% vs. 8.5 ± 1.3% (p =0.05). No change was found for weight : 123.9 ± 26.4 kg vs. 121.0 ± 30.3 kg (NS), BMI : 41.5 ± 7.2 kg/m2 vs. 40.2 ± 7.3kg/m2 (NS), daily total insulin needs (U100 equivalent) : 198.4 ± 70.5 IU vs. 228 ± 121 IU (NS), basal needs : 81.8 ± 29.2 IU vs. 87 ± 36 IU (NS) and prandial needs : 116.5 ± 61.3 IU vs. 143 ± 110 IU (NS). No changes were found for lipidic parameters as total cholesterol (TC) : 1.85 ± 1.10 g/l vs. 1.80 ± 0.92 g/l (NS), HDL-C : 0.36 ± 0.08 g/l vs. 0.31 ± 0.06 g/l (NS), LDL-C : 0.83 ± 0.32 g/l vs. 0.71 ± 0.30 g/l (NS) and TG : 3.98 ± 7.56 g/l vs. 3.4 ± 5.3 g/l (NS). No change in use of metformine and/or GLP-1RA and no side effect were found during the follow-up.

Conclusion: In our practice, use of U500 in insulin-resistant patients treated with CSII is well tolerated and is associated with a decrease in HbA1c despite no change in weight or daily insulin needs. Evolution of glycemic variability (including TIR and hypoglycemias) using continuous glucose monitoring is currently being analyzed.


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