Aim: To observe the effect of Pioglitazone on improving HOMA-IR, c-peptide status, HbA1c and Weight.

Materials and Methods: Inclusion Criteria: Persons with type 2 diabetes since >5 years duration of age 18-50 years, on dual OAD therapy

Exclusion Criteria: Other forms of diabetes, pregnant patients or planning for pregnancy.

For the study, 116 patients were identified and screened. Baseline investigations and anthropometry was recorded.

Pioglitazone was added to the ongoing regimen of single or dual combination therapy for a period of 24 weeks. All patients were called for a total of 6 visits during the study period wherein their glycemic control, hypoglycemia events and medications were reviewed.

At the end of 24 weeks, anthropometry, investigations and glycemic control was reviewed.

Results: The average c-peptide, HOMA-IR and HbA1c levels had reduced significantly after the addition of Pioglitazone. Those patients who were on dual therapy of metformin with an SGLT2 inhibitor showed no significant weight changes at the end of the study. Other patients who were on monotherapy with metformin, dual therapy with metformin plus other OADs showed weight gain.

Conclusion: Pioglitazone is a very effective tool in diabetes management. It shows significant reduction in glycemia. Appropriate combination therapy with SGLT2 inhibitors may curb its issue of weight gain.


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