Metabolic responses to food influence diabetes risk, but data suitable for determining personalized nutritional advice are lacking. PREDICT 1 (n=1102 twins and unrelated healthy UK/U.S. adults) examined genetic, metabolic, microbiome, and meal composition/context contributions to postprandial metabolic responses in clinic and at home. This 2-week interventional trial included the administration of standardized meals/beverages and monitored of ad libitum food intake. Objective assessments of sleep and physical activity were made. Blood glucose was continuously assessed and triglycerides and C-peptide were measured repeatedly. Large and consistent differences between individuals in blood triglyceride, glucose, and insulin responses to identical meals were observed. Person-specific factors, including variation in the gut microbiome, had a greater influence than meal macronutrients; genetic variants had a modest impact on predictions. Modifiable factors such as meal timing had large effects, highlighting avenues to improve postprandial responses. As predictors of CVD risk, postprandial triglyceride and glucose improved on traditional fasting markers. Machine learning was utilized to derive personalized predictions for both triglyceride (r=0.47) and glycemic (r=0.77) responses.


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