Background: AT247, an ultra-rapid acting formulation of insulin aspart designed for faster absorption following s.c. injection, will lead to better postprandial glycaemic control and is key to the development of closed-loop pump systems.

Method: Plasma glucose and serum insulin concentrations were measured in 19 adult male participants with T1DM following a single s.c. dose (0.3 U/Kg) of insulin in a randomised, double-blind, cross over euglycaemic clamp study.

Results: Data presented as median; range. AT247 had a faster onset of glucose lowering effect than NovoRapid® and Fiasp® (onset of action: 17; 12-30 vs. 37; 20-88 vs. 23;16-50 mins). The early glucose lowering effect was greater for AT247 than NovoRapid® and Fiasp® (AUCGIR 0-60min: 212; 63-465 vs. 49; 0-303 vs. 91; 11-300 mg/kg; GIR=glucose infusion rate) (Fig 1A). Similarly, greater initial insulin exposure was seen for AT247 compared to NovoRapid® and Fiasp® (AUC Insulin 0-60min: 111; 48-205 vs. 41; 12-147 vs. 66; 25-188 mU*h/L). In addition, offset of exposure occurred earlier for AT247 than NovoRapid® and Fiasp® (time to late 50% Cmax Insulin: 173; 89-414 vs. 212; 106-389 vs. 221;106-441 mins). (Fig 1B). Comparisons are statistically significant with p<0.05. No safety signals were detected for AT247.

Conclusion: AT247 has a superior (left-shifted) time-action and time-concentration profile as compared to both NovoRapid® and Fiasp®.


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