Background: Personal continuous glucose monitoring (CGM) is patient owned and often inaccessible due to cost and insurance requirements. Professional CGM is clinic owned, worn for 3-14 days and is an affordable, underutilized option. The present study combined diabetes education and professional CGM into a shared medical appointment (SMA). The SMA allows providers to deliver diabetes education in the setting of medical management and peer support. It was hypothesized that the SMA method of delivering professional CGM would positively impact clinical outcomes (improvements in self-efficacy, A1c and medication doses).

Methods: Adults with type 1 and type 2 diabetes who attended the two-part CGM SMA at a large academic medical center were included in this retrospective, single-center study. The CGM SMA included 4-6 patients, diabetes educator and pharmacist. Participants wore professional CGM for 7 days. The primary outcome was change in diabetes self-efficacy through a validated 8-item Likert scale. Secondary objectives were changes in A1c, and changes in diabetes medications (dosage adjustments, time of administration). Paired t-tests were used to analyze change in A1c and diabetes self-efficacy scores.

Results: Diabetes self-efficacy scores increased by a mean of 1.63 ± 2.09 points (p<.001) out of 10 points. The A1c decreased by a mean of 0.80 ± 1.52% (p<.001) with a mean follow-up A1C of 7.80 ± 1.60%. Those with baseline A1c ≤8.0% (n=70) experienced a decrease in A1c of 0.24% compared to 1.20% in those with A1c > 8.0% (n=101). Participants utilizing the real time device (n=133) experienced a decrease in A1c by 0.75% compared to 1.0% in those with the blinded device (n=38). Most medication changes made in the CGM SMA were dosage adjustments and changes in administration time.

Discussion: The CGM SMA is a novel practice model incorporating diabetes education, peer support, professional CGM, and inter-professional care that demonstrated improvements in diabetes self-efficacy and A1c.


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