Comprehensive knowledge, specific skills, and data-analysis competences are prerequisites of successful use of continuous glucose monitoring systems (CGM). SPECTRUM is a structured and manufacturer-independent training-program for real time CGM (rtCGM) comprising one web-based introduction and six modules (each 90 minutes) of face-to-face group sessions.

SPECTRUM was evaluated longitudinally among adults with type 1 diabetes from 10 diabetes centers. Outcome parameters were rtCGM-knowledge and -skills (rtCGM-Profi-Check), satisfaction with the course, technology acceptance and metabolic control. Initially 120 participants with type 1 diabetes were included (mean age 42.4±13.4 years, diabetes duration 21.6±11.6 years, 56% female, mean HbA1c 7.70±1.34%). Data were collected at study entry, after the final group session, and at 6 months follow-up. The study was completed by 108 patients (10% dropped out, mainly due to scheduling problems).

After training rtCGM knowledge (scale 0-40) improved by 43% (from 21.2±7.6 to 30.4±4.5; p<0.001) and persisted until 6 months follow-up (29.6±4.6). After 6 months HbA1c decreased to 7.58±1.32% (p=0.036). On a scale from 0-14, practical skills were 13.1±1.3 after the program. Satisfaction with SPECTRUM was 1.4±0.5 (1 is good - 6 is bad). Satisfaction with the rtCGM system was 4.2±0.5 (scale from 1 (low) to 5 (high)) and acceptance of the rtCGM system was 87.6±8.2 (scale from 14 (low) to 98 (high)) after the training and 87.0±9.7 at follow up. This indicates a high acceptance, positive attitude, and intension to use rtCGM continuously.

SPECTRUM was shown to be effective in increasing the knowledge and skills about rtCGM in adults with type 1 diabetes. The effect was sustainable and independent from diabetes center and rtCGM-system used. Training participants showed an improvement in glycemic control and improved satisfaction and acceptance of rtCGM.


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