The Omnipod Horizon™ System is a hybrid closed-loop system (HCL) consisting of a tubeless insulin pump and Dexcom G6 sensor which provides automated insulin delivery with customizable glucose targets from 110-150mg/dL, adjustable by time of day to allow therapy personalization. This outpatient study assessed the safety and effectiveness of HCL use at higher targets of 130-150mg/dL.

Participants aged 6-13.9y with T1D>6mo and A1C<10.0% used the HCL system at home for 14 days (first 2 days hotel, n=8) over winter holidays with unrestricted eating and exercise. The target was 130, 140, and 150mg/dL for 3 days each, followed by 5 days of free choice of 110-150mg/dL. Primary outcomes were safety measures and percent time 70-180mg/dL over the first 9 days of HCL use, stratified by target glucose.

Participants thus far (n=15) had a mean±SD age of 11±2y, T1D duration 5±3y, and A1C 7.7±0.9%. At the 130, 140, and 150mg/dL targets, percent time from 70-180mg/dL was 63.4±7.9%, 64.2±11.6%, and 52.1±11.7%, respectively (Table). Percent time <54 and <70mg/dL was low, and tended to decrease with increased target. There were no severe adverse events.

The HCL system was safe and performed well in children with T1D when used at home with higher glucose targets. Participants were invited to continue in a 3mo outpatient study of the system, which is currently underway.


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