Several risk factors for hospital readmission in patients with diabetes (DM) have been identified. The Diabetes Early Readmission Risk Indicator (DERRITM) is a tool that identifies patients at high risk for readmission within 30 days of hospital discharge, but does not incorporate several DM specific factors such as type of DM and pre-discharge glycemic measures. The purpose of this investigation was to prospectively examine DM specific factors and DERRI scores as predictors of readmission risk at 90 days in participants in the Readmission and Comprehension of Discharge Education in Diabetes (RECODED) study. Among the 126 patients, (age mean (STD) 61(12) yrs, BMI 32.9 (9.6) kg/m2, A1c 8.0 (2.2%), 45% women, 22% Black, 85% type 2 DM), readmission occurred in 54 (42.9%) of patients within 90 days of discharge. Factors identified as predicting risk for hospital readmission included the presence of known macrovascular (CAD, p = 0.039; CHF, p = 0.029; CVA, p = 0.054) but not microvascular complications. DERRI scores were higher in those with a readmission compared to those without (27 ± 12% vs. 20 ± 11%, p = 0.006).No differences were observed for age, BMI, type of diabetes, eGFR, history of DM self-management education, inpatient DM service consultation, education level, employment history, A1c, pre-discharge hypoglycemia, hyperglycemia or glycemic variability, or hospital length of stay among those with and without a readmission.

In summary, these results reinforce the complexity of identifying risk factors for hospital readmission in DM patients. Certain macrovascular complications, which are collectively components of the DERRI, individually demonstrate an association with readmission risk at 90 days, as does DERRI. This is the first demonstration of DM related macrovascular complications and DERRI score as a predictor of readmission beyond 30 days of hospital discharge.


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National Institutes of Health (UL1TR001857)

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