In our previously study, we found and verified the significantly decreased expression level of miR-223-3p in the plasma of DKD patients with plasma microarray, which was correlated with the severity of DKD. Some studies have found that Il-6/miR-223/STAT3 positively regulates the expression of pro-inflammatory cytokines and is involved in biological processes such as cell proliferation, differentiation, apoptosis and immune regulation. In this study, in vitro and in vivo methods were used high glucose to stimulate human Glomerular endothelial cells (GEnCs) and kidney tissues of db/db DKD mice, respectively, to observe the changes of miR-223-3p and endothelial function indicators change. The preliminary study found that the expression of miR-223-3p in human GEnCs was significantly decreased under high glucose stimulation, and the mRNA expression of target gene IL6ST was significantly increased, as was the mRNA expression of VEGF. Western Blot showed significant increases in p-JAK2 and p-STAT3.In the kidney tissues of db/db DKD mice; miR-223-3p expression was also significantly decreased, while ll6st and Vegfa mRNA expression were significantly increased. The results indicated that the expression of miR-223-3p in human GEnCs stimulated by high glucose and renal tissues of db/db DKD mice were significantly decreased and the indicators of endothelial fine injury increased. Combined with cell and animal levels, the results suggested that miR-223-3p might be associated with DKD endothelial cell injury and endothelial dysfunction.


R. Li: None. L. Jie: None. J. Luo: None. Z. Yang: None. L. Zhang: None.


National Natural Science Foundation of China (81560126); Department of Science and Technology of Yunnan Province (2017FE468-042)

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