Ecological momentary assessment (EMA) captures patients’ ongoing experiences in natural settings. In type 2 diabetes (T2D), EMA allows us to connect psychological experiences of illness with behavioral and biological processes. We implemented an EMA protocol to assess emotional distress, physical symptoms and diabetes self-care among predominantly ethnic minority and socioeconomically disadvantaged adults with T2D. We then collected qualitative data about patients’ experiences.

We recruited 51 English-speaking adults receiving treatment for T2D (M(SD), age = 54.3(9.7), 61% Black and 39% Hispanic, 67% female, HbA1c = 8.6(2.4%)), from an urban academic medical center. Patients completed EMA surveys (3/day) via the MyDay smartphone app and used an electronic pill cap that tracked oral medication adherence over 2 weeks. No feedback was provided from the devices. Semi-structured individual interviews were conducted upon study completion. Patients were asked about their experiences and any differences in their diabetes self-care. Interviews were audio-recorded, transcribed, and analyzed for content. A vast majority (88%) would recommend the MyDay app to others. For 90%, it took less than a few days to feel comfortable with the app. About 69% said the app positively influenced their self-care, via more consistent medication-taking and/or blood-glucose monitoring. Some participants (41%) indicated that they encountered a challenge with app use (e.g., lack of internet access, difficulty recalling instructions) and a few (14%) said they felt overwhelmed by study participation. Results suggest that the app was well-received and considered acceptable by a diverse sample who used it over 2 weeks. For some, using the app may have improved self-care. Future research may explore barriers such as limited internet access or technological literacy. This work provides support for the acceptability of technologies for assessing patients’ experience with T2D self-management.


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