Aim: The purpose of this retrospective data analysis is to assess prescription practices including appropriate use and dose of statins in patients with T2DM.

Methods: This is an observational retrospective data analysis of T2DM patients with dyslipidemia and who were on statin treatment for at least 6 months. Data for this study was obtained from EMRs of diabetes and endocrinology specialty outpatient clinics (n=35), pan India between Jan 2018 and May 2019. Patients aged <40 and >75 years were excluded from the analysis. Patient’s record with demographics, medical history, prescriptions (antidiabetes and statin drugs) and lab investigations data were collected.

Results: Of the total 45,205 diabetes patients, 15023(33%) were on statins. The mean age was 53.2 years, 64% were males and 36% were females. Final analysis included 4099 patients between ages 40 and 75 years on statin drugs along with antidiabetes drugs. Mean HbA1c, fasting and post-prandial blood glucose was 8.5%, 173mg/dL and 257 mg/dL, respectively. The lipid profile TC, TG, HDL, and LDL was 174mg/dL, 188 mg/dL, 41 mg/dL, and 107 mg/dL, respectively. Low-intensity statins (2539[62%]) were the most common prescriptions followed by moderate (1402[34%]) and high (158[4%]) intensity statins. Rosuvastatin (2615[64%]) was most commonly prescribed followed by atorvastatin (1302[32%]), and non-statin fenofibrate (182[4%]). 4% of the patients on low-intensity statins at the first visit moved to moderate or high dose intensity statins. In contrast, 2% of patients on moderate dose moved to low dose intensity.

Conclusion: In endocrine clinic population with 45205 patients only 33% of patients were on statins. In the population between 40 and 75, a majority were on low-intensity statins with relatively very few progressing to moderate and high-intensity statin. The low uptake of statins and low dose use indicates the need to increase awareness of appropriate patient selection and correct dose of statin use in the clinic population including referral and tertiary care clinics.


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