Type 2 diabetes (T2DM) is a chronic disease that requires multidisciplinary patient-centered treatment. Although important, promoting self-care strategies is still a challenge.

Methods: Patients with T2DM and poor glycemic control (HbA1c > 7.5%) were randomly assigned to participate in the Self-Care Multidisciplinary Workshop for Diabetes (MW) or usual care (UC). The MW consisted of 15-minute individual meetings with each T2DM providers (nurse, pharmacist, dietitian, physical educator and social worker) to approach diabetes self-care topics. It was offered in 3 different modules through 12 weeks aiming to bring knowledge and skills necessary for patients to improve their diabetes care. UC included 3 brief meetings in which printed educational folders were provided. Both groups maintained standard care at outpatient T2DM clinic with endocrinologists. Generalized estimating equation model was performed to assess HbA1c, Diabetes-related Quality of Life and Summary of Diabetes Self-Care Activities questionnaires variation from baseline to 12 months.

Results: Ninety-six patients (59 ±9 years-old, 60% women, diabetes duration of 16 ±10 years, 62% medium-low/low socio-economic status, HbA1c 9.6 ±1.4%) were included. Variation from baseline of HbA1c [UC -0.52% (CI 95% -1.08 to 0.26) vs. MW -0.30% (CI 95% -1.05 to 0.45) p=0.072], healthful eating plan in the last 7 days (d) [UC -0.22 d (CI 95% -1.27 to 0.82) vs. MW -0.03 d (CI 95% -0.85 to 0.79) p=0.15] and foot exam in the last 7 d [UC 0.51 d (CI 95% -0.75 to 1.77) vs. MW 1.1 d (CI 95% -0.16 to 2.39) p=0.329] to 12 months were not different between groups. There was a decrease in worry about future effects of diabetes in MW [-0.46 (CI -0.81 to -0.12)], not found in UC [0.11 (CI -0.20 to 0.42) p=0.004].

Conclusion: A short-term MW reduced worry about diabetes but failed to improve glycemic control and self-care activities in long-standing T2DM patients of a low-income country.

ClinicalTrials.gov Identifier: NCT03074383.


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