To help maintain glycemic control and prevent complications for transitioning AYA with type 1 diabetes mellitus (T1D), a Diabetes Transition Program (DTP) was created at an academic children’s hospital to provide clinical care, peer support, information and skills building for self-advocacy and diabetes management. Peer-group sessions were facilitated by a multidisciplinary team on relevant issues. This abstract describes a novel educational approach to engaging group participation, discussion and further enhancing decision-making skills regarding complication risks; and to describe participant reaction from field/observation notes. Group sessions on complication and prevention were facilitated by a CDE nurse. Original sessions provided handouts with Q and A posed by CDE for discussion. A novel gaming approach was then instituted. In each session, participants were divided into 2 subgroups. Each subgroup was given two stacks of cards. One group matched cards having names of complications (i.e., cardiovascular problems) with cards having examples of screening tests and prevention strategies (e.g., BP, LDL). The other group matched complications with S and S of the complication (e.g., heart attack). Groups came together and shared results for each complication which initiated discussion. Observations of group dynamics were noted. DTP has had 153 patients (49% males, mean age 1st visit 18.8yrs, range 17-24yrs). Each group session averaged 5-6 AYA. Compared to the original format, group dynamic observations of the novel gaming approach include: increased peer-to-peer discussion, greater openness to share thoughts with group, increased critical thinking skills, complete participation. It appears that this novel gaming approach facilitated patient learning by stimulating participant-initiated discussion, peer-to-peer interaction and support, and interest in topic. More formal evaluation of this method is warranted.


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