Background: Diabetic patients have high blood pressure and conversely, hypertensive patients have diabetes. Do eHealth apps meet the needs of these patients?

Purpose: Do Diabetes apps ask about blood pressure and do hypertension apps ask about diabetes parameters?

Methods: Using the search term “diabetes,” and “blood pressure” (BP), Google Play Store (Droid) and Apple App Store (iOS) were accessed for the most downloaded, free DM and BP mobile apps. Inclusion criteria: 1) downloads > 100,000 for Droid and ratings > 50 for iOS, 2) free. Diabetes apps were evaluated: DSMES, and ACC/AHA guidelines (120/80 mm Hg). BP apps: BP log, ACC/AHA guidelines, weight, height, BMI, medication log, and DSMES. Exclusion criteria: Apps with no data on downloads or rankings.


0/20 diabetes apps had correct ACC guidelines, 0/20 diabetes apps had podiatry guidelines. Of the 20 HTN apps, on average 3.6/11 DSME criteria were mentioned. 5/20 BP apps had medication log vs. 14/20 in DM apps. Both Droid and iOS apps are similar in the number of features offered.

Conclusion: Diabetes apps follow the DSMES guidelines more often than the Blood Pressure apps following the ACC/AHA guidelines. There is room for improvement for eHealth apps in the management of diabetes and hypertension.


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