Continuous glucose monitors (CGMs) improve glycemic control compared with self-monitoring of blood glucose. We aim to describe clinical outcomes in people with type 2 diabetes (T2D) who received FreeStyle Libre® system.

IBM MarketScan™ Commercial Claims and Medicare Supplemental databases were used in this retrospective, observational analysis. MarketScan contains insurance billing claims for inpatient, outpatient, and pharmacy expenses. Cohort requirements included: de novo FreeStyle Libre system purchase in 2017 Q4-2018 Q2, diagnosis of T2D, ≥18 years old, fast- or short-acting insulin, and ≥6-months pre-CGM observation time. Primary outcome was acute diabetes events (ADE): hospitalization with hyper-/hypoglycemia as the primary diagnosis or outpatient emergency associated with a code of hyper-/hypoglycemia. Secondary outcome was all-cause hospitalizations. Andersen-Gill Cox regression compared event rates 6-months pre-/post-CGM.

The cohort (n=1,244, age 53.6±9.7 years, 53.8% male) experienced a reduction in ADE from 0.158 to 0.077 events/patient-year (HR: 0.49 [0.34 0.69]; P:<0.001). Hospitalizations also reduced from 0.345 to 0.247 events/patient-year (HR: 0.72 [0.58 0.88]; P:0.002).

After FreeStyle Libre system purchase, T2D patients had lower rates of ADE and all-cause hospitalizations.


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