Exercise increases nocturnal hypoglycemia risk which may impact sleep in T1D. Adults with T1D (n=25; 19 CSII; age 33±14yrs; HbA1c 7.6±1.3%; T1D duration 15yrs [IQR: 10, 22]) were divided into 3 exercise groups: aerobic, interval, or resistance, performed twice/week using instructional videos for 4 weeks. Participants used CGM, and wore an activity/sleep monitor (Garmin Vivosmart 3). Sleep duration was lower on nights following interval exercise compared to nights following sedentary days (p=0.04, Figure 1a). Participants experienced hypoglycemia earlier in the night following interval or aerobic exercise, compared to sedentary or resistance exercise (Figure 1b). Exercise types differentially impact sleep loss and nocturnal hypoglycemia.


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The Leona M. and Harry B. Helmsley Charitable Trust (T1-DEXI Main Study)

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