The National Diabetes Register (NDR) launched in 1996 in Sweden includes primary and secondary care data and captures 94% of adult patients with diabetes. A cohort study using data from nationwide register from 2014/01/01 to 2019/06/25 was initiated with the objective to determine the effectiveness of the FreeStyle Libre system on HbA1c reduction. Eligible for inclusion were patients with diabetes (≥ 18 years old) using FreeStyle Libre recorded within the NDR. Index date was the 1st record of FreeStyle Libre use. Methodology was a before/after comparison; prior period was closest HbA1c measurement within 6 months before index date and after period was HbA1c closest to 6 and 12 months after index date within Day 91 - Day 272 and Day 272 - Day 455 respectively. During the study period, 39 554 T1 or T2 patients had at least one registration of FreeStyle Libre usage. HbA1c measurements were available within the defined prior and after period for a subset of the total patient study population who were incident FreeStyle Libre users. HbA1c was significantly reduced in T1 and T2 users with a sustainable effect at 12 months (-0.44 for type 1 and -0.66 for type 2). This large real-world study on a well-established diabetes register in Sweden concluded that people with T1DM and T2DM using FreeStyle Libre for between 9 to 15 months significantly reduced HbA1c.


K. Eeg-Olofsson: None. A. Svensson: None. S. Franzén: None. H. Ismail: None. F. Levrat-Guillen: Employee; Self; Abbott.


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