Aim: To characterize validity, acceptability and perceived impact of the national Danish Diabetes PROM IT tool (DiaProfile) in routine diabetes care among people with both type 1 and 2 diabetes (PWD) and their health care professionals (HCP). To inform the evaluation design of a national study.

Methods: 12 PWD were recruited using a purposive analytical consecutive method in a single-arm mixed-methods qualitative clinical design. PWD completed the PROM prior to their visit and DiaProfile was used in visit to collaboratively identify individual care needs and options. PWD and HCP completed psychometric PROM evaluation scales on acceptability, validity, relevance, usability and perceived impact of the PROM intervention. Semi-structured interviews were done with all PWD (45-60 min). Visits/interviews were tape recorded and transcribed for coding. Phenomenological, thematic analyses with both inductive and deductive methods were used and all data sources were combined for triangulation.

Results: 12 PWD: 8 female/4 male, 4 type 2/8 type 1, mean age 51 (24-79), 9 on insulin pens, 2 on pumps, 2 on glp-1, 2 on metformin. Complications ranged from 0 to 6 per PWD. 2 physicians and 2 nurses each treated 3 PWD. PWD consistently found PROM easy and acceptable to complete, relevant, understandable and with no major topics missing. Triangulation identified consistent PWD and HCP experiences of improved visit preparedness, dialogue quality, care quality and focus, patient participation, and care confidence and experience with PRO use across users. All advocated for use in standard care.

Conclusions: This is the first real-world study to characterize perceptions of context validity, relevance, acceptability, usability and value (patient participation, dialogue, care quality) of the Danish diabetes PROM in a routine care setting. Outcomes were used to inform design of a national large-scale PRO diabetes study.


S.E. Skovlund: None. L. Troelsen: None. L. Nørgaard: None. P.H. Kjaer: None. A. Pietraszek: None. H. Ravn Larsen: None. D.M. Hessler: Consultant; Self; Eli Lilly and Company. P.O. Jakobsen: None. N. Ejskjaer: None.


Region of Northern Denmark; Danish National Health Data Board

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