Background and Aim: Studies have increasingly identified sleep disturbances in people with T1D. Parents of young children with T1D may also be a particularly vulnerable population to sleep disturbances. Anecdotally, it is reported that use of CLC improves sleep quality and quantity in users but objective data on indirect users are not available. This study assesses sleep outcomes of CLC compared to SAP therapy in parents of children with T1D.

Methods: Thirteen parents and their young children (ages 6-10) on insulin pump therapy were enrolled. Children completed an initial 4-week study with SAP using their own pump and a study CGM (Dexcom G6) followed by a 4-week phase of CLC (Control-IQ, Tandem Diabetes Care). Sleep was assessed in parents using actigraphy watches worn the last 10 days of each study phase. The Pittsburgh Sleep Quality Index (PSQI) questionnaire and the Hypoglycemia Fear Survey (HFS) were administered at baseline (BL) and following each study phase.

Results: A statistically significant decrease was noted from BL to the end of the CLC phase of PSQI score (p=0.009) and the behavioral (p=0.005) and worry (p=0.045) HFS subscales. Even though statistical power was reduced by the number of participants, actigraphy data showed strong trends on several variables including an average increase of 14 minutes of total sleep time from SAP to CLC (p=0.068) and in people with high PSQI scores at BL (>median) a higher sleep efficiency (p=0.098) and lower wake after sleep onset (p=0.100). Notably, children significantly reduced their time spent in hypoglycemia (<70 mg/dl) at night from SAP to CLC (p=0.015).

Conclusions: Though preliminary, these results suggest that use of CLC has a positive impact on both the quality and quantity of sleep in parents of children with T1D. A decrease in fear of hypoglycemia, endorsed by fewer nocturnal hypoglycemic episodes, might be associated with sleep improvement since previous studies have reported poorer sleep quality in parents with high levels of fear of hypoglycemia.


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