Background: AYA women with T1D are vulnerable to poor glycemic control which could increase their risks of RH complications. ADA recommends starting preconception counseling (PC) at puberty. Purpose to explore concerns for and preventative behaviors regarding RH complications in AYA females with T1D.

Methods: New AYA patients attending a diabetes transition clinic at a pediatric teaching hospital completed a short survey on concerns for diabetes-related complications and preventative actions taken: ranking their concerns on a scale 1=most important to 5=least important from a list of five complications. They identified any actions ever taken to prevent complications by a list of items and an open-ended response. This reports on female participant (n=49; ages 17-22) responses regarding RH complications at baseline prior to any peer-group information sessions. Descriptive analyses were used for quantitative and qualitative data. Open-ended data were clustered and analyzed to identify themes with 2 researchers reaching agreement.

Results: Only 29% of AYA female participants (n=14) ranked RH complications as most important concern (rank of 1) and 12% (n=6) ranked it as important (rank of 2); while 20% (n=10) ranked RH complications as least important (rank of 5). Several participants (n=33) checked off one or more behaviors they have taken to prevent RH complications (e.g., control glucose, discussed family planning with health provider). Themes for ’other preventative actions’ remained broad, “healthy lifestyle” and “self-management.” Almost all (88%; n=29/33) believe RH complications can be prevented.

Conclusion: Less than half of AYA females ranked RH complications as an important concern, which could reflect unawareness. Although most have taken some general preventive actions, enhancing other more specific behaviors to decrease their risks that were not identified could be targeted for future interventions through PC.


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David Paul Diabetes Transition Care Research Initiative Fund

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