Hypertension is found in up to 90% people with type 2 diabetes. The relationship between blood pressure (BP) (dys)regulation and prediabetes is much less clear. Fifty individuals (mean age [±SD] 42.7±13.1 years, BMI 29.2±7.3 kg/m2) with prediabetes (31 IFG; 19 IGT) and normal BP and 20 age- and BMI-matched healthy persons (40.8±9.6 years, BMI 27.9±6.6 kg/m2) were enrolled into the study. In all participants fasting plasma insulin, adiponectin and interleukin-8 (IL-8) were assessed; and 24-hour ambulatory BP monitoring (ABPM Monitor Schiller BR-102 Plus) and central BP assessment with the applanation tonometry method (SphygmoCor XCEL) were perfomed. ABPM results were similar in both groups: 24-hour systolic, diastolic, mean arterial pressure (MAP) and pulse pressure were 124.1±10.8 and 123.5±7.6; 74.3±7.9 and 74.3±7.0; 89.8±7.2 and 90.4±6.6; 50.5±7.9 i 48.6±5.3 mmHg, respectively (p>0.05). In daytime the respective values were 127.0±11.2 and 126.6±7.4; 75.7±6.5 and 77.2±7.0; 92.4±7.5 and 93.2±6.5; 50.9±8.0 and 48.9±5.5 mmHg, and at nighttime 109.1±21.8 and 109.8±10.5; 61.5±12.7 and 62.7±8.8; 77.1±15.4 and 78.1±9.0; 47.1±11.3 and 46.7±5.4 mmHg (p>0.05). Central systolic, diastolic, end systolic BP, central mean pressure, central pulse height, augmentation index and central stroke volume index were also similar in both groups: 109.3±13.7 and 112.1±14.4, 77.1±9.5 and 80.4±10.7, 99.0±11.7 and 102.1±13.0, 91.3±10.6 and 95.2±11.4, 32.1±9.7 and 31.9±9.4 mmHg, 16.7±13.2 and 15.5±14.3%, 149.5±25.3 and 144.2±29.2 (p>0.05). No significant diffferences in plasma insulin, adiponectin or IL-8 were found between the groups (30.4±25.3 and 26.5±28.8 µIU/ml; 4.86±2.56 and 6.28±3.48 µg/ml; and 25.6±2.58 and 27.9±9.76 pg/ml, respectively, p>0.05).

In conclusion, recently diagnosed prediabetes is not associated with any blood pressure abnormalities. Vigorous prevention of diabetes in people with prediabetes should be encouraged as it may lead to maintaining cardiovascular health.


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