Glycemic control is suboptimal in many people with T1D. Diabetes technology may help improve diabetes management but data on its use in specific age groups and geographies is limited.

SAGE was a multinational, cross-sectional study using data from medical records and interviews of eligible participants (N=3858) aged ≥26 years with T1D for ≥1 year. The use of diabetes technology in different regions (Asia, Eastern Europe, Western Europe [WE], Latin America and Middle East) by predefined age groups (26-<45; 45-<65; ≥65 years) was assessed by a technology use questionnaire.

Overall, finger stick blood glucose meters were used most frequently (92.0%), with similar proportions of participants using them across regions and age groups. Use of continuous glucose meters (CGM; 23.2%), insulin pumps (19.5%) and blood ketone meters (11.1%) varied between regions, while usage within each region varied somewhat between age groups (Table). Overall, use of an insulin dosing app was low (4.6%) and mostly when recommended by an HCP, with slightly more frequent use in those aged 26-<45 years (5.5%) compared with older age groups (45-<65 years, 3.9%; ≥65 years, 3.5%).

Use of CGM, insulin pump and blood ketone meter is notably higher in WE than other regions. Globally, use of an insulin dosing app is low and appears to be mostly driven by HCP recommendations. Increased use of diabetes technology may help individuals and HCPs to manage diabetes better.


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