A Digital Diabetes management platform aims to improve diabetes self-management. Glycemic control is best evaluated by the combination of blood glucose average (BGavg) and A1c. Frequent fluctuation of blood glucose may contribute to diabetes-related complications. Long-term management of type 2 diabetes remains challenging to significant number of patients. This study followed glycemic parameters observed over 2-years.

Method: A retrospective data evaluation study was performed on high-risk users with type 2 diabetes that measured their blood glucose using Dario® platform database for two consecutive years. The study assessed BGavg, estimated A1c (eA1c) values and glycemic variability following 24 months compared to the first month (baseline).

Results: A group of 148 high-risk users with type 2 diabetes, non-Insulin treated was evaluated. Their BGavg was of >180mg/dL (eA1c>8.0) for users taking ∼2 blood glucose measurements per day in the first month and in the 24th month on average. Their BGavg was consistently reduced by 18% and sustained (179±45 vs. 219±56 mg/dL) and eA1c was reduced by 1.5 percentage points (9.26±1.3 vs. 7.86±1.8). Glycemic variability was reduced by 20% (SD: 45 vs. 56) at the end of 2 years. Additional analysis of 220 users with type 2 diabetes,147 started with eA1c >9.0% and 73 started with eA1c >10%, revealed substantial eA1c reduction of 2.0 percentage points (10.31 ± 1.8% vs. 8.36 ± 1.2%) and 2.4 percentage points (11.15 ± 1.2% vs. 8.73% ± 2.1%) from baseline after 2 years, respectively. Glycemic variability was reduced by 20% for both (SD: 55 vs. 69 and 59 vs. 74, respectively).

Conclusion: Overall this study confirms the potential of digital diabetes solutions to sustain glycemic achievements in users with type 2 diabetes over two years. The system may assist the users to experience an actual behavior modification in their diabetes self-management as well as in their long-term routine for self-care.


Y. Hershcovitz: Employee; Self; DarioHealth. S. Dar: Employee; Self; DarioHealth. E. Feniger: Employee; Self; DarioHealth.

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