Mobile-enabled remote patient monitoring (RPM) may improve glycemic outcomes for people with diabetes. In the current study, we randomized persons with type 2 diabetes (PWT2D) with baseline HbA1c between 7.5% - 12.5% into either a mobile app-enabled RPM group or a control group without RPM. Participants in the RPM group were remotely monitored on a weekly basis for glycemic events and SMBG check behaviors and received telephonic coaching as needed between quarterly clinic visits. The control group received coaching only during quarterly clinic visits. In this interim analysis, we assessed HbA1c at baseline and at 3 months for both groups. Cohort characteristics for participants completing both study visits (RPM n = 80; control n = 82) included median age 60 years [IQR: 52 - 67], 48.1% female, 73.4% non-Hispanic White, 67.3% on insulin, median duration of diabetes 14 years [IQR: 9 - 20], and median baseline HbA1c of 8.4% [IQR: 7.9 - 8.9]. We observed improvements in HbA1c after 3 months in both the RPM and control groups (-0.7% [IQR: -1.0 - -.2] and -0.3% [IQR: -.8 - -.1]; both Ps < .005, respectively). The improvement in HbA1c was greater in the RPM group (T = 2.47; P = .015). Among participants with baseline HbA1c ≥ 8.5%, the RPM group improved by -1.1% [IQR: -1.9 - -.4] while the control group improved by -.4% [IQR: -.8 - .3] (T = 2.63; P = .01). In the current study, we found that mobile-enabled RPM with telephonic coaching led to significantly improved HbA1c in 3 months. The HbA1c improvement was greater for PWT2D with higher baseline HbA1c, consistent with previous literature. These findings demonstrate the short-term efficacy of mobile-enabled RPM. Diabetes care teams can assist mid-life and older adults with T2D to achieve significant improvements in glycemic control via use of a mobile self-management app along with recurring short telephonic coaching sessions.


T. Sheng: Employee; Self; Glooko, Inc. L. Parks: Employee; Self; Glooko, Inc. S. Babikian: Employee; Self; Glooko, Inc. V. Singh: Employee; Self; Glooko, Inc. M. Greenfield: Consultant; Self; Glooko, Inc. M.A. Clements: Consultant; Self; Glooko, Inc. Other Relationship; Self; Glooko, Inc.

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