People with diabetes face numerous challenges to effective self-management of blood glucose (BG) including access to diabetes education and support. This study explores how a coaching program structured around the AADE7 Self-Care Behaviors™ and evidence-based behavior change strategies optimized for remote interaction between the coach and participant can improve glycemic control. Certified Diabetes Educator coaches used a care management platform, Welkin Health, that displays BG test results from integration with the OneTouch Reveal diabetes mobile app. Welkin supports communication methods with patients including email, SMS and telephone communication. The software platform also uses logic to prioritize patients who need attention so the coach can better manage their relationship with the participant. Adult participants with type 2 diabetes and HbA1c ≥8.0% received an AccuBase A1c mail-in test kit at baseline and weeks 12 and 24 to measure their HbA1c levels. Each participant used a OneTouch Verio Flex glucose meter connected by Bluetooth to OneTouch Reveal app. After 12 weeks (n=67), mean HbA1c declined by 0.85% from 9.19% to 8.34% (p<0.05) and 65% of subjects had an HbA1c decrease of >0.5%. After 24 weeks, mean change in HbA1c was still 0.78% less than baseline (p<0.05) with 51% of participants experiencing a decline of >0.5%. The decline in HbA1c occurred without any increase in hypoglycemic events. There was a 14.1% increase in % of results in range (p<0.05). Improvement in HbA1c came without any substantial change in testing frequency. In addition, there were various positive changes in the Diabetes Self-Management Questionnaire (DSMQ) scale.

In conclusion, live coaching using the Welkin Patient Relationship Management technology in conjunction with the OneTouch Reveal diabetes app resulted in significant improvement in glycemic control in participants with type 2 diabetes who were in relatively poor control.


L.B. Katz: Employee; Self; LifeScan, Inc. K.D. Neland: Research Support; Self; LifeScan, Inc. D.J. Rolando: None. D.M. Shearer: None.

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