To design a clinical trial it is important to know for how long CGM data should be collected to accurately assess time in different glucose ranges (time in ranges). Several studies approached this problem through the computation of the correlation coefficient (R2) between a metric computed in a month-long trial and in several shorter windows of increasing duration. The minimal duration (MD) granting R2>threshold (e.g., 0.9) is then used to estimate the long-term metric.

Here, we focus on time below range (TBR), defined as time <70 mg/dl [%]. We first implemented the R2-based analysis on trials of different duration: A1, A2, A3, lasting 100, 200, 300 days (d), respectively, obtained selecting portions of the same Study A (n=45, duration=360 d, sensor=Abbott Freestyle Libre). Table 1 shows that the longer the trial duration, the larger the resulting MD. Notably, all the obtained trial duration fractions are similar. Then, the analysis was repeated for other two trials of equal duration: Study B (n=85, duration=240 d, sensor=Dexcom G5) and A4, obtained selecting 240 d from Study A. Although B and A4 refer to different T1D populations and different sensors, the resulting trial duration fraction is the same.

In conclusion, the R2-based analysis yields different results based on the duration of the considered dataset, and seems to identify only the fraction of data needed to match the reference TBR.


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