Continuous glucose monitoring has been shown to be an effective tool in management of type 1 and type 2 diabetes. Non-invasive techniques may provide a convenient alternative to current invasive methods but their precision is lacking.

We evaluated the accuracy of “LabPatch”, a non-invasive continuous glucose monitoring system that uses micropipette technology to sip interstitial fluid in comparison to YSI® (laboratory reference glucose analyzer) and 2 glucose meters (Onetouch Verio® and Freestyle Lite®) in 30 insulin-treated patients with diabetes at multiple points over 6 hours. LabPatch glucose readings significantly correlated with those of YSI (R-square=0.23, p<0.0001). Moreover, 85.69% of LabPatch glucose readings were within zones A and B of the Clarke Error Grid albeit B>A. LabPatch had an absolute relative difference (ARD) of 35.5% compared with YSI indicating wide variation in glucose readings. For glucose values between 70-180 mg/dL, LabPatch readings were within +/-15% of YSI values with a lower one-sided 95 % confidence bound of 75.25%. Estimated average glucose value (eAGV) were the closest between LabPatch and YSI than between either of the 2 glucose meters and YSI. We conclude that first-generation LabPatch Precision technology has potential to identify glucose trends in situations that require close monitoring of diabetes over shorter intervals such as gestational diabetes, pre-pregnancy planning and patients preparing for elective surgery. Additionally, LabPatch has the potential to be used for diabetes screening due to its non-invasive nature. Larger sample size and more precision of manufacturing technology may make it a valid non-invasive and wireless glucose monitor.


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