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This pilot and feasibility study aimed to identify dietary strategies to optimize glycemic control and weight management in overweight or obese young adults with T1D. In a sequential multiple assignment randomized trial, participants were randomized to a hypocaloric low-carbohydrate (CHO; 20-25% CHO), hypocaloric moderately low fat (30% energy fat), or Mediterranean (not calorie restricted) diet, with advice to maintain usual physical activity (PA). PA data were collected in a convenience sample of participants from 06/20 to 02/21. Young adults with T1D (n=27, age 25±3 years, 78% female, A1c 7.3±1.2%, BMI 30.7±3.4) wore PA trackers for 2-week periods during diet assignments. Median (IQR) daily steps were 4,931 (3,443-7,363), 5,562 (4,191-9,931), 6,457 (4,394-9,655) for Low CHO, Look AHEAD, and Mediterranean diets, respectively and daily moderate-to-vigorous PA (MVPA) mins were 16 (4-31), 18 (5-31), and 22 (6-32), respectively. Daily steps, active time, or MVPA did not differ by diet (p>0.05). We demonstrate that in a pilot study emphasizing diet and weight loss in young adults with T1D, PA was often below the recommended target of 30 mins MVPA/day (or 150 mins/week). Thus, a larger, adaptive weight management intervention will need to incorporate diet as well as safe and effective PA strategies for overweight and obese young adults with T1D.


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National Institute of Diabetes and Digestive and Kidney Diseases (1DP3DK113358)

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