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Background: Using continuous glucose monitoring (CGM), we investigated potential sex-related differences in glycemia during exercise in persons living with type 1 diabetes (T1D) or without diabetes.

Methods: Participants used CGM (Dexcom G6), exercise/meal diaries, or an activity monitor with a meal capture smart phone app, to help identify home based exercise and meal events over a 10 day to 4 wk period.

Results: The analyses included 40 T1D (age: 36±15 yrs; BMI: 26.3±3.1 kg/m2; HbA1c: 7.5±1.5%; 35% female; mean±SD) and 120 persons without diabetes (age: 30±20 years; BMI: 24.4±3.2 kg/m2; HbA1c: 5.1±0.3; 64% female) and 283 and 619 exercise events, respectively. The frequency distribution of all CGM values were comparable between males and females overall, but values had a wider distribution among T1D as compared to non-T1D (Fig). Hyperglycemia (> 180 mg/dL) represented ~0.1% of the exercise time in participants without T1D vs. 31% and 24% of the time in the female and male participants without diabetes, respectively. Hypoglycemic values (<70 mg/dL) represented 7.1% and 3.0% of the time in the non-T1D females and males, respectively (P<0.001), vs. 4.4% and 5.0% in the T1D females and males (P=0.67), respectively.

Conclusions: Based on CGM, mild hypoglycemic exposure during exercise is surprisingly common in individuals with and without diabetes and may be particularly prevalent in females without diabetes.


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