Background: BeatO® offers connected diabetes care program including smartphone connected glucometer and mobile app with real time feedback and counselling support. This study aims to evaluate the effectiveness of BeatO's connected diabetes care program with real time contextualized feedback loop and certified diabetes educator (CDE) counselling on glycemic control of patients with diabetes in India.

Method: A retrospective data-based evaluation study was conducted on BeatO® cloud database. Medical records of patients with diabetes, digitally engaged between September 2019 to July 2020 and received at least one CDE counselling were evaluated. Intervention included SMBG using smartphone connected glucometer, real-time feedback, and contextualized counselling by CDE based on SMBG findings. Pre-counselling (BG values recorded for 30 days period before first counselling) and post counselling (BG values recorded between 15th to 45th day after last counselling) impact on glycemic control and in range BG values were assessed.

Results: Out of total 7514 diabetes patients, majority of them were aged >40 years (76%). Most of the patients had T2D (95%) followed by T1D (4.5%), GDM (0.3%), LADA (0.1%) and MODY (0.1%). A total of 10,667 counselling sessions were conducted out of which majority had one session (74%) followed by 2 (17%), 3 (5%), 4 (2%) and ≥5 (1%) sessions. Intervention was effective in significantly reducing mean BG values across fasting (by 9.5%), pre-prandial (9.3%), post prandial (8.9%) and random (6%) BG readings (p value <.05). Proportion of patients with in-range BG values post intervention increased by 9.6% (post prandial <180 mg/dL), 9.1% (random <200 mg/dL), 5.8% (fasting 80-130 mg/dL) and 3.3% (pre-prandial 80-130 mg/dL).

Conclusion: BeatO's smartphone connected SMBG with real time feedback, nudges, alerts and CDE counselling is effective in glycemic control in real world patients with diabetes.


M. Sabharwal: Employee; Self; Health Arx Technologies Pvt. Ltd. M. Mohit: Consultant; Self; Health Arx Technologies Pvt. Ltd. V. K. Kolukula: None. R. Jangid: None. G. Chopra: Employee; Spouse/Partner; Health Arx Technologies Private Limited, Other Relationship; Self; Health Arx Technologies Private Limited.

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