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Background: Clinical onset of type 1 diabetes (Stage 3 T1D) is preceded by a pre-symptomatic phase characterized by multiple islet autoimmunity with normal glucose tolerance (Stage 1 T1D), followed by dysglycemia (Stage 2). The metabolic phenotypes of beta-cell function and insulin sensitivity were explored in normoglycemic youth with stage 1 T1D and compared to healthy non-related peers during a 3-h oral glucose tolerance test (OGTT).

Methods: Participants were recruited from TrialNet (cases) and Yale University (controls). Twenty-eight lean youth with at least two islet autoantibody (cases) and 32 healthy controls underwent a 3-hour 9-point OGTT with measurement of glucose, C-peptide and insulin. The oral minimal model was used to quantitate beta-cell responsivity (Phitotal) and insulin sensitivity (SI), allowing assessment of beta-cell function by the disposition index, DI=Phitotal x SI. Subjects with impaired fasting glucose, impaired glucose tolerance or any OGTT glucose concentration >200mg/dL were excluded.

Results: Cases (10.5y[8, 15]) exhibited reduced DI (p<0.001) due to a simultaneous reduction in both Phitotal (p<0.001) and SI (p=0.008) as compared to controls (11.5y[10.4, 14.9]).

Conclusion: Pre-symptomatic stage 1 T1D is associated with both reduced insulin sensitivity and lower beta cell responsiveness in youth.


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