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Background and Aims: To characterize a novel incretin analogue which engages glucagon-like peptide-1 (GLP1R) and glucose-dependent insulinotropic peptide (GIPR) receptors.

Methods: Potencies for cAMP production were determined at GLP-1R and GIPR in Flp-In T-REx-293 cells. Assessment of SNAP-tagged GLP-1R internalisation by confocal microscopy, incorporation of GLP-1R into lipid rafts, Gs recruitment to GLP-1R and GIPR with NanoBiT™ used INS-1(832/3) beta cells. Ca2+ responses were recorded in mouse islets by time-lapse confocal microscopy using Cal520 AM.

Results: HISHS-2001 displayed higher potency versus tirzepatide for cAMP production at both receptors (Table). GLP-1R beta arrestin-2 recruitment was lower with HISHS-2001, indicating increased bias. Efficacy and potency of recruitment of Gs protein to the GLP-1R were lower for HISHS-2001 vs. tirzepatide (Table). HISHS-2001 showed increased potency for Gs recruitment to the GIPR. GLP-1R endocytosis was lower for HISHS-2001 vs. tirzepatide but both agonists showed increased recruitment of GLP-1R to lipid rafts vs. semaglutide. Ca2+ responses, and potentiation of insulin secretion from mouse islets tended to be higher for HISHS-2001 vs. tirzepatide. Both displayed enhanced insulin secretion from human islets vs. semaglutide (Table).

Conclusions: HISHS-2001 may provide a useful new GLP1R-GIP dual agonist.


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