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Background: Atrial fibrillation with rapid ventricular response (AFib with RVR) is frequently associated with worse outcomes in diabetes mellitus (DM) and chronic kidney disease (CKD). We sought to investigate the heart failure (HF) risk among patients hospitalized with Afib with RVR and history of DM with and without CKD.

Methods: Clinical variables were collected from 1635 patients presenting to the hospital with Afib with RVR 2013 to 2018. Patients were stratified based on DM and CKD status and compared using descriptive statistics, chi-square, Friedman and Mann-Whitney tests.

Results: There were 162 patients admitted with a history of DM and CKD, they had a median [IQR] glomerular filtration rate of 39.8 [30-51], with median age of 74[66-80]. Median BNP levels were higher in the DM and CKD groups (Fig1). There was incremental HF risk based on DM and CKD status with the highest risk in patients with DM and CKD (DM OR 1.366 [1.067-1.749], CKD OR 2.021 [1.441-2.835], DM+CKD OR 3.307[2.226-4.912].

Conclusion: In patients hospitalized with Afib with RVR, higher BNP levels and clinical HF were more common among patients with DM with or without CKD. Patients with diabetes and CKD had the highest odds for HF and warrant consideration for specific diabetes treatments that can lower the risk of HF hospitalization.


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