Objective: It has prompted concerns about the risk of thyroid nodules and thyroid tumors with liraglutide treatment. Our study intends to provide clinical observations on thyroid nodules in T2DM patients treated with liraglutide.

Methods: We collected T2DM patients treated with or without liraglutide from January 2015 to September 2020 in Shanghai Tenth People’s Hospital. Thyroid ultrasonography was available, including the size of thyroid nodule and TI-RADS classification.

Results: A total of 268 T2DM patients were included in liraglutide group (L) and 328 T2DM in control group(C). Before liraglutide injection, 97 patients diagnosed of thyroid nodules in L group with an average size of 16.37±7.28mm, including 7 in TI-RADS 1, 15 in TI-RADS 2, and 75 in TI-RADS 3. There were 108 patients diagnosed of thyroid nodules in C group with an average size of 17.65±9.27mm, including 6 in TI-RADS 1, 22 in TI-RADS 2, and 80 in TI-RADS 3. After treating with liraglutide of 1.18±0.26mg/ day for 24.1±2.8 months, the average size of nodules in L group was 17.54±7.89mm, with 5 patients in TI-RADS 1, 13 in TI-RADS 2 and 79 in TI-RADS 3. The average size of nodules in C group was 18.19±8.52mm, with 5 patients in TI-RADS 1, 20 in TI-RADS 2, and 81 in TI-RADS 3. There was one patient with hyperthyroidism and one papillary thyroid carcinoma(PTC)in L group, and 2 PTC in C group. The nodules size was not significantly increased (P < 0.01).

Conclusion: There was no significant changes of thyroid nodules size during the continuous administration of liraglutide in T2DM patients, and liraglutide was not considered associated with risk of thyroid tumor. However, the effect of liraglutide on thyroid function still needs further investigation.


M. Zhang: None. Y. Wang: None. J. Yin: None. X. Zha: None. C. Sheng: None. P. Yang: None. H. Li: None. S. Qu: None.


National Key Research and Development Project of China (2018YFC1314101); Shanghai Committee of Science and Technology (19DZ1910200, 18411951803, 17DZ1910603)

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