Introduction: We evaluated potential factors influencing CGM uptake and sustained use to better understand the worsening disparities in CGM use among American youth with type 1 diabetes.

Methods: This is a retrospective chart review of youth with type 1 diabetes less than 21 years old seen at a tertiary care center from 1/1/2021 to 11/5/2021. Most recent clinic note and prescriptions were used to determine CGM use (active, attrition, never) and whether CGM was accessed through pharmacy or durable medical equipment. Binary logistic regression was used to assess effects of age, sex, race/ethnicity, insulin regimen, health insurance, and CGM supplier on CGM uptake and sustained use. χ2 was used to assess the impact of language in Latinx youth.

Results: Chart review identified 13youth (female 48.1%, NHW 43.7%, NHB 32.7%, Latinx 10.5%, publicly insured 52.1%) . Table 1 shows predictor variables associated with CGM use. NHW youth were more likely to have ever used CGM while CGM attrition was more common in NHB youth. Ever and active CGM use were less common in publicly insured youth and more common in pump users. CGM use was more common in Latinx English speakers than Spanish speakers (75.4% vs. 56.6%, p=0.03) .

Conclusions: In an era of rapidly advancing technologies, efforts to support equity in diabetes technology use in publicly insured, minority, non-English speaking youth with type 1 diabetes may help to address disparities in health outcomes.


J. Grundman: Research Support; American Diabetes Association. M. Castro: None. A.E. Hoover: None. M. Monaghan: Employee; National Institute of Diabetes and Digestive and Kidney Diseases. Research Support; American Diabetes Association. R. Streisand: None. A.G. Perkins: None. J.K. Reilly: None. A.M. Richardson: None. B. Goggin: None. B.E. Marks: Advisory Panel; JDRF. Research Support; Dexcom, Inc., Tandem Diabetes Care, Inc.


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