Objective: To compare the number of medical visits during the 2020 lockdown with the previous two years (2018, 2019) and with post-lockdown (2021) in Latin American children with type 1 diabetes (T1DM) with and without telemedicine access.

Methods: Children with T1DM in 2018 from three Latin American countries and at least one consultation in 2018 were consecutively recruited between February and November 2021. The number of medical visits and telemedicine access were extracted from their medical records.

Results: 217 children (60.4% females) aged 13.1± 3.2 years with a duration of 6.1 ± 2.7 years of T1DM were evaluated. There was a higher prevalence of children with telemedicine access than those without (139 (64.1%) vs. 78 (35.9%) ; p<0.01) . The number of medical visits was significantly higher in children with than without telemedicine access in lockdown 2020 (7.02 vs. 2.61, respectively) and post-lockdown 2021 (5.36 vs. 1.91) . The number of medical visits during post-lockdown 2021 (5.33) was not significantly different than in 2018 (5.13) in those with telemedicine access. However, the number was significantly lower in those without access (1.91 in 2021 vs. 5.99 in 2018) .

Conclusion: the number of medical visits of Latin American children during post-lockdown returned to a similar number to pre-lockdown 2018 in children with telemedicine access, but not in those without access.


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