Diabetes and pregnancy are independently associated with increased risk of severe COVID-infection. However, little is known about the relationship between severe COVID-and diabetes in pregnancy. We sought to determine whether diabetes in pregnancy was associated with increased risk of COVID-infection and severity. We conducted a case-control study of all delivering patients at a tertiary hospital from June 2020-September 2021 and accepted universal COVID-testing. Patients with no COVID-test results were excluded. The proportion of patients with any COVID-infection and severe COVID-infection during pregnancy were compared between patients with and without diabetes using chi-square. Severe COVID-was defined as meeting any WHOOSCI or NCPERET criteria (dyspnea, respiratory rate ≥30 breaths per minute, blood oxygen saturation of ≤93%, PaO2/FiO2 <300, lung infiltrates involving >50% on imaging, non-invasive ventilation or high flow oxygen use, intubation and mechanical ventilation, or ventilation with additional organ support) . Of 4,253 patients in our analysis, 292 (6.9%) had COVID-during pregnancy. Demographic characteristics were similar between patients with a COVID-infection in pregnancy and those that were negative; 71 (24.3%) had a severe infection, and 451 (10.6%) had diabetes. There was no difference between patients with and without diabetes in incidence of COVID-infection (9.6% vs. 10.7%, p=0.56) or severe COVID-infection (11.3% vs. 9%, p=0.58) . Diabetes in pregnancy was not associated with increased risk of COVID-infection or severe infection. Future research in larger samples may further elucidate the association between diabetes and COVID-infection in pregnancy.


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