Preconception counseling for reproductive-age women with type 1 and type 2 DM improves maternal-fetal outcomes. Endocrinologists are in a unique position to provide such important counseling and contraception or applicable referrals. In response to an increasing number of women referred to our prenatal clinic with poor glycemic control and unplanned pregnancies, we instituted a quality improvement initiative to improve preconception care at our academic center. We conducted a chart review of 96 women of reproductive age with at least one in-person visit for DM from July 2020-Oct 2021. Patients who were pregnant or had undergone sterilization were excluded. Fifty patients (mean age 34.5+/-6.7 yrs) met inclusion criteria. Of these, 66% had T1DM, 32% had T2DM and 26% had a HgbA1c ≤6.5%, recommended for pregnancy. Each woman had a mean of 2.1+/-1.2 visits with an endocrinology provider during these 15 mos. Only 4% had contraception specifically documented during a visit, although medical staff or other providers had documented contraception use in 56% of cases. No women received a contraception prescription. Endocrinologists did not document provision of preconception counseling to any of these women, although 14% had previously undergone counseling with a maternal fetal medicine provider. No women were referred to an OB-Gyn provider. Our data suggest that endocrinology providers infrequently provide preconception or contraception counseling or referrals for women with diabetes and underscores the striking need for a QI initiative. To this end, we are implementing a multifaceted intervention to educate providers on key aspects of preconception counseling and contraception provision, facilitate specialist referrals, simplify documentation, and provide patient education materials. We will assess the efficacy of our intervention with the ultimate goal of improving outcomes for this rapidly growing population of women with diabetes and their offspring.


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