Type 2 diabetes (T2D) is a leading cause of morbidity and mortality in Mexico. Routine identification of persons with high risk for developing T2D is poorly executed in low- and middle-income countries. Thus, we aimed to analyze the characteristics of participants of a public health initiative to identify diabetes risk (SaludEnTuVida/Health In Your Life) in habitants of the mayoralty of Iztapalapa in Mexico City. The mayoralty of Iztapalapa is characterized by being a densely populated area, with a high index of marginalization, and adverse determinants of health. FINDRISC score (FDS) was used to assess the risk of T2D in adults over 20 years of age from September to December 2021. Data from 15,271 participants was analyzed. The mean age of participants was 46.3±15.4 years, most participants were woman (67%) , and with secondary or less education (59.8%) . The following proportions of risk factors were reported: first degree familiar history of T2D in 52.6%, overweight in 41.3%, obesity in 32%, and hypertension in 14.4%. Low risk with FDS <7 was observed in 22.1% of the sample (BMI 24.5±3.2 kg/m2, female 55.7%) compared to 77.9% in the greater risk (GR) group with FDS ≥7 (BMI 29.1± kg/m2, female 70.3%, p<0.0001, p<0.00 respectively) . Among GR group, there were variable T2D risk levels; slightly elevated 31.9%, moderately elevated 32.6%, and highly elevated 13.3%. GR risk for T2D were observed in women (OR 1.88 95%IC 1.7-2.1) and in participants with secondary or less education (OR 1.91 95%IC 1.72-2.12) . The prevalence of overweight and obesity in young adults (<40 years old) was 66.6%, and 62% were found with increased risk for T2D. These results show a higher risk of T2D in the population evaluated compared to the reported in national health surveys. Our findings enhances the need for the implementation of preventive public health care policies in high risk populations, including binding actions to diagnosis and to prevention care programs, particularly in women, people with low education, and young adults of marginalized urban settings.


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